Anywlan_Perform ance Investigation of IEEE 802.11e EDCA Under Non-Saturation Condition Based on the
Anywlan_Perform ance Investigation of IEEE 802.11e EDCA Under Non-Saturation Condition Based on the
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Abstract — T he IEEE 802.11e netw ork provides difrler.ent with QoS (Quality of service)guarantee for diferent tram c stream s. The E nhanted distributed channel access fED CA in IEEE 802.11e M AC protocol is proposed to support prioritized QoS on the basis of the Distributed coordination function fD CF in IEEE 802.11 、ve first build a new M arkov chain m odel fo r the ED C A .The m odel takes into account both the idle state that represents that there are no packets to be transm itted and diferentiation based on difrlerent AIFS.value rArbitration inter.fram e space)for difFerent trafRc. W e can use the signal transfer function of the generalized Z.transfo rm dom ain state transition dia. gram to derive a probability distribution of the M A C layer service tim e and analyze the perform ance of E D C A from a non-saturated channel to a saturated m edium by using M /G/1/g queuing mode1.The proposed model is calculated num erically and validated against sim ulation results,we observed a good m ateh betw een the analytical m odel and sim ulation. Sim ulation and theoretical results show that despite providing prloritized QoS,the EDcA still can not support strict QoS fo r real-time application. On the other is inevitable that there is unfairness of chan.nel access to prioritized tram c due to ED C A .
Keywords —— IE EE802.1le, Enhanced distributed channel access(EDCA),M /G/1/K queuing mode1




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